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Dear Viewers,

Welcome to userfriendly website of our Bank.

     The Quilon Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd. No. 960 is a leading Financial Co-operative Institution which was established nearly 80 years ago, under the Co-operative Societies Law. Now it is functioning strictly under the provisions of Banking Regulation Act. Reserve Bank of India has given Banking License to the Bank. The Bank accepts deposits at attractive rates of interest and loans to deserving members at concessional rates of interest. The Bank is making profits and declaring dividend of 12% to Share Holders. The Bank fulfills social and financial obligations to the society with the satisfaction of all customers.

     Our Bank, that commenced its operations, has completed 80 years of service to the society and is moving in to a new decade. In the growth of our Bank through these years, we had faced many challenges and hazards. But I like to see them as reasons for our happiness and pride today. The Bank's amazing growth in to what it is today is indeed a feat of pride for the Kerala co-operative sector and a lesson for students who has taken it as their discipline. 

     The various co-operative societies of Kerala that has played a significant role in the growth and development of the State, traces their history to the activities of the 'The Quilon Co-Operative Urban Bank Ltd.' has grown in to a stature and position which none of these banks has been able to achieve in all these years. I must say that this is  indeed an exemplary accomplishment.

     Stretching our scopes beyond the banking segment, we have ventured in to many activities that has brought about commendable changes in the co-operative sector. In the whole right from our first financial year we have been running profitably. This growth of the Bank has been viewed by many with surprise; some others have seen it with envy and even with enemity. Anyhow, what is most relevant is the way in which people look up to us; with satisfaction and trust. This support of our dear customers, I believe, is the sole reason for the phenomenal growth of our Bank.  

     Nothing would have been possible without the relentless support and co-operation of all our respected members, administrative wing, staff and all our well-wishers. I thank each and everyone of them for being with me and also request their continued support for all current and future activities of our Bank. 

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